The heart hides little secrets.  A mirror hides nothing. - Rumi

​Why wait until midnight to ponder important questions? Begin to enlighten your day and personal space with sunlight of the spirit.  Stretch toward the edge of your capabilities and deep longings.  To want is not a crime.  I would like to listen as you imagine a plan, set goals, visualize your home as sacred, and speak into our experience, strength and hope.   As an elder, I am a skilled artistic consultant and teacher, co-creative coach, and empathic listener with a firm foundation in loving kindness and honesty.  Do you want to develop your wings and discipline with a guide who will the share your journey and hold you responsible for your own transformation?  

We can begin with communication and commitment based on trust and integrity.  


Name 10 new things to inspire you.  

Describe the memory, sense or feeling of freedom. 

Do you have a perspective that you would like to investigate for a day, a week, or longer?

What might allow you to dance into the mystery?  Are you already doing it?

When do you acknowledge your brilliance and giftedness?  Who has done that for you?

What do you love?  Who do you love?  Are you committed to your own body, mind and soul?

How do you honor the sacred masculine and feminine in your life?

Are you comfortable with shamanic practices?  Do you have access to your own deep longing?

What do you know about your creative muse?