Tracking the secrets of the soul is challenging and gratifying.  Elemental Wisdom is love. 

The heart hides deep secrets.  A true friend mirrors the heart.

Satisfying work, transformational honest, spiritual depth, knowing what you want to do, personal power, restorative relaxation:  are these yours today? 

Does your heart long for more?  What is your authentic voice?  Where is your edge?

Have you ever wanted to have someone who will be honest with you to unlock your hidden doors?  Are you honestly curious enough to be true to your highest calling?

Let me help you meet your deadlines, dance with your demons and realize dreams that elude you.  Investigate your mystery and process.   Expand intuitive and abstract moments, and develop discipline.  Change your perspective.

Personal Coaching Sessions:  $100-$150 per hour, in person or by phone.